Serves. No useful purpose.

The legend begins 350 years in the future, in a universe that might only exist in the mind of a sentient brick; or maybe not. The two greatest heroes the galaxy has ever known are about to begin their journey.

Rob is a waiter, taking time out from earning a degree in engineering which turned out to be a lot harder than he ever thought it would be. Dave is an idiot who demonstrates that Rob’s life can also be harder then he ever thought it could be. Rob is ginger and unattractive to women, Dave delivers towels with an appalling lack of efficiency and has a class 2 rating in unblocking toilets.

A murder has happened on Earth, where such things are frowned upon. A detective with a flimsy grip on reality is hunting the killer with a singular lack of proportion. The investigation leads to The Nebulous, a ship heading out from Earth to the frontier worlds beyond.

Who is the killer? Why does fine cognac taste a little bit like elephant? How much slam-hammer can you drink before your tongue liquefies? Who cares?

This rubbish is available to buy on Amazon for .99c, a third the price of a decent cup of coffee and ten times what it’s probably worth.

Stressed out. At the interview.

A Rob and Dave short story that reflects on life and utterly stupid it actually is. Dave finds himself at an interview, being asked a single question by each member of a board of executives. Meanwhile Rob will have to find out if they still have mobile phones in the future and why Dave is eating toenail clippings out of a dustbin.

The story doesn’t make a lot of sense, probably doesn’t need telling and insults whatever intelligence you’ve got left after reading this.

On the plus side, it’s completely free to read. Please enjoy the literary equivalent of slapping yourself round the face with a dead animal.

Losing. The will to live.

Rob and Dave do some pointless things while getting horribly drunk. A challenge is made, a deal is struck. Which of them can date a beautiful woman with taste and refinement. The one that looks like a rat hiding in a basketful of carrots or the one with such severe mental problems that he’s been legally classified as ‘A social experiment?’

At least it’s free so this will only hurt your brain, not your wallet.

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