The Human Race

How far would you go?

Do you have a motorcycle? Are you looking for a challenge? Would you like to win a share of one million pounds? All you have to do is solve a challenge. If someone solves the ultimate challenge during the day then everyone who is successful will share a prize of one million pounds.

The description is vague, the rules make no sense but people sign up to enter with no real idea what to expect. During the course of the day they will be pushed to the limits and maybe beyond. They will confront their moral boundaries, challenge their abilities, cross the edges of the law and discover truths about themselves they might rather not know.

For most, this is the last chance they’ll get to change their lives.

One day. One random challenge. One million pounds.

How far would you go?

Those Two Idiots - Author J.Grey
Serves. No useful purpose - Jack Brewhouse Author

Serves. No useful purpose.

Rob and Dave’s first adventure. The greatest heroes in the galaxy. The legend begins

Many years in the future, space travel has become a reality of daily life. This has opened the galaxy up to mankind who now journeys freely from Earth, the seat of humanity, to their destiny out beyond the stars.
There are heroes of this age, bold adventurers who explore beyond the edge of the universe in gargantuan vessels of unspeakable power. There are weapons that can snuff out a star and engines beyond the feeble imaginings of the human mind.
Science has harnessed the power of the elements and is answering the many questions that have challenged mankind through the ages. There is just one question that still has yet to be answered.

Who is going to deliver towels to all these people?’

Rob is ginger, but in the future such things go almost unnoticed. He is taking a year out from his studies to travel and work aboard the passenger starship, ‘Nebulous’ as it journeys out to the Frontier, the outermost edge of explored space.

Dave is an idiot.

Between them, they can achieve almost nothing but somehow, and against all the odds, towels do mostly manage to get delivered, beer manages to get drunk and people do manage to get offended.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the rare and unthinkable crime of a murder is discovered. Then another, and then one more, making it slightly less unthinkable and considerably less rare. All this causes the brutal, and needlessly dramatic Detective Granger to suspect foul play. His investigation suggests that maybe someone on board the Nebulous is guilty of these heinous crimes.

Will the murderer be found before they can strike again? Will the Detective be able to find the killer? Is this all just some intergalactic conspiracy to wipe out Switzerland? Will everyone have something to wipe their hands on? All these questions and more will be poorly answered, possibly glossed over and probably largely ignored.

A full character summary of the book is here.

The Box

The near future is getting too close for comfort.

It is some time in the near future and the world is a changed place. Human labour has been augmented with Biotekk units, biologically grown androids with electronic brains, who are otherwise indistinguishable from normal humans. They are cheap and easy to produce, and they have freed mankind from the burden of their toils.

For many, the price has been too high and humanity may be losing its way. The lights from the gleaming towers has cast a dark shadow on the world, a darkness we may never find our way back from.

In the very darkest of places there is a tiny light, one final hope that we can remember what it is to be human before it is forgotten forever.

The Box - Author J.Grey
Serves. No useful purpose - Jack Brewhouse Author

Hawk-Eye: Traffic

Cutting edge technology. A man with no memory. A new street-drug. High-speed police pursuit motorcycles. What could possibly go wrong?

He wakes up in darkness, his memory is empty and his brain is screaming in pain. He doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know where he is and has no idea how he could have got there.

The Hawk-Eye is a mysterious abandoned government project. During the 1980s it was built to spy on us using radical, cutting-edge technology. At the heart is a computer so advanced that nothing built since has come close to matching its power.

This was once all abandoned but now, the project has been found and is in the hands of a socially inept scientist and a man who likes to punch things.

There’s a new drug in town and the police are powerless to stop it. A new fleet of high-speed pursuit motorcycles is patrolling the streets. How does he fit into all this and why isn’t he wearing any clothes?

Hawk-Eye: Family

A faster than average brain. An ability to punch unpunchable things. Mild autism. The worst set of super-powers ever assembled is back in action. It’s going to go wrong again.

As Red tries to connect with his forgotten past, the Hawk-Eye base is attacked. The computer is under siege and with no way to communicate, the team are split up, cut off and helpless. But who could be capable of attacking them. To find out, they must learn the truth about where the technology came from.

The only chance they have to survive is to face off against a slightly viscous motorcycle gang, unstoppable killing machines and to finally confront their own past.

Somewhere, a secret is about to be revealed as the Hawk-Eye team confront their most deadly, mysterious adversary yet.

Before the night is out, they will all face their darkest fears and will be forced to make the hardest choice of their lives.

Hawk-Eye: Family
Travelling Lite - Jack Brewhouse Author

Travelling Lite

How to do everything right and still get everything wrong

A month spent riding aimlessly around Europe on a motorcycle, with your girlfriend sounds easy enough. A perfect and economical middle-weight motorcycle, the best GPS on the market, carefully considered upgrades, a well-thought out luggage system and a partner who was a seasoned traveller. How could everything go so horribly wrong, that for much of the time, suicide seemed the better option?

Armed with a GPS that couldn’t get itself out of the port car-park, a partner who turned out to be less useful than soap in a French bathroom, a top-speed that felt like we were barely moving, luggage that spread itself out all over Italy, a head-full of mental illness and with my home-town on fire, the pair of us ventured into the unknown.

This is the story of why I finally left England, the rants and ruminations of a man coming to terms with the fact that the world was all a bit silly and he no longer wanted to be a part of it. After doing everything completely right, still everything went totally wrong. It was like voting against Hillary Clinton and getting stuck with Donald Trump.

A Rob and Dave Short Story: Losing. The Will to Live.

A beautiful woman comes aboard. A wager is made. A battle begins. Who can succeed when there is so much failure everywhere?

Rob and Dave, the galaxy’s greatest heroes, are a bit bored. A life of delivering towels, unblocking toilets, serving recycled faeces in the upper cafe and drinking themselves into oblivion has taken a toll and, frankly, their mood has suffered.

When an attractive woman comes aboard, our two heroes decide to challenge themselves to be the first to date her, under the threat of a penalty of hand-washing underwear to the loser. This makes much more sense to them.

Dave is confident he can win but Rob has apathy and ginger hair on his side and somehow thinks he’s in with a chance.

But is everything as it seems with her? What will they discover along the way as Dave rummages around in her U-bend and Rob impresses her with his advanced understanding of crunchy salads?

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Losing. The Will to Live.
Stressed out. At the Interview.

A Rob and Dave Short Story: Stressed out. At the Interview.

The galaxy’s greatest heroes are back to face their greatest challenge yet. One of them must suffer through an interview with a panel of executives while the other must make something, for some reason.

Dave finds himself opposite a group of seasoned executives, each armed with a single question, a question with which they hope to peer deep within his psyche. Dave demonstrates why that’s a bit like diving into a puddle without checking to see if there’s any water in it.

Meanwhile, Rob awakens to discover a bizarre set of instructions stuck to his face which he must carry out if he hopes to ever eat lunch or have electronic doors work for him again.

Dave is behaving more oddly than usual, and only Rob seems to notice. What is the secret of the mission that Dave has set for him? Why should we care?

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Short Story – The Christmas Present.

Charles Dickens relates the original version of the ‘Christmas Carol’ to an audience who aren’t quite ready for it.

Somewhere, lost in time, is the untold original Science-Fiction story of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Charles Dickens relates his tale of gentle wonder to an audience, taking us along on a ride into his rich imagination.

It is a story of future wonders aboard a distant station set out among the stars where a miserly old man must face the truth of his life in both the past and the future, as well as his present. It is a tale of shocking technology, of mechanical men, of travelling amidst the stars, of being able to send messages through the ether without the need of wire or cables.

It is a time of wonder indeed.

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The Christmas Present.
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