What exactly is a Jack Brewhouse ?

Jack Brewhouse is an author who drinks way too much caffeine, rides motorcycles too fast and spends way too much of his time in universe that only exists in the confines of his imagination.

This could, would and probably should be considered mental illness except that as an end result, there are books getting written, although they are mostly about drinking coffee and riding motorcycles too fast.

Born in the 70s and growing up in the 80s means I come from a world without smart-phones, where children had imagination, attention-spans and a firm understanding that pretty-much everything is pretty-much insane already, and no amount of pretending it isn’t is going to change anything.

I had a childhood marked by Star Wars which created an appetite for Science-Fiction. Consequently I became interested in the works of Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams. I also developed a taste for graphic novels with a particular fondness for the works of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

After some years of reading I decided, or the universe decided for me, that I wanted to write. I created my own little world and started writing stories about the terrible things that happen there. That universe is now available to visit, so readers can plunge headlong into the depths of my slightly damaged psyche.

My goal is to write entertaining stories that also have a message. Throughout the website, a lot of my work is available extremely cheaply or, better yet, free.

You get what you pay for, of course.



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