Jack Brewhouse – Author of terrible novels and abuser of terrible motorcycles. Part time criminal.


Welcome to the official home of Jack Brewhouse, author and writer with a passion for science fiction, books of all kinds and motorcycles.

On this site you can find several free novels, short stories and Blips. There are articles and blogs and all sorts of other stuff that strongly implies that the entire universe only exists in the imagination of a sentient brick – or maybe not.

Travelling Lite


Whatever you plan for, however careful you are, it will always be the thing you least expect that gets you. A month touring Europe by motorcycle should be a simple thing, but Jack finds a way to make it nearly impossible. Learn how to fail from someone who has truly mastered the art.

A delightful exploration of cynical sarcasm, caffeine addiction and the brutally violent abuse of a BMW G650x.

Serves. No Useful Purpose.

Rob and Dave are the galaxy’s greatest heroes. Join them as the legend begins in their first grand adventure as an intergalactic conspiracies unfold, a string of murders is discovered and Mrs McDonald craps so hard that she breaks a toilet that is capable of digesting rocks. Could it all be happening in the imagination of a sentient brick? You’ll probably hope so.

The Human Race


A website posts a strange challenge. Do you have a motorcycle, do you want to win a share of one million pounds? If you can complete your challenge then you might be in with a chance. But what does all this mean? How far will the contestants be pushed? What will they have to face? How far would you go?

Hawk-Eye: Traffic.


Somewhere in a hidden government base that’s been abandoned since the 1980s, a man with no memory of who he is wakes up and finds himself embroiled in a secret world. Clandestine projects and dark agendas surround him as he finds that his past is something that might be best left forgotten.

Where are his underpants?